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October 2005 News

Ms. Evelyn – Music
The children and I were busy in September learning all our songs for Chapel, including some sign language. We also had fun playing sticks and learning to keep the beat and how to “freeze” when the music stops. For October we will be singing about pumpkins and learn a few little scary songs. To off set the scary songs I have a new song titled “God is bigger than the Boogie Man”. I thought it would be very appropriate for the season. We will end our class time with the kids’ favorite activity, playing instruments to a song called “Transylvania Polka”. It will be a fun beginning to the fall season.

Sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things. Psalm 98:1

Ms. Robin – Two-day twos
September has been a fabulous month. We have accomplished so much. The children have begun settling in and are feeling very comfortable. It has been great helping them to feel comfortable and begin teaching them a few things. This month we have learned that each of us is special in our own little way. We have also been studying about our senses (taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing). The children have really liked smelling and tasting different things. They have smelled basil and oregano, which we decided smelled like spaghetti; we smelled dill, which smells like pickles, and we smelled rosemary, which just smells good. We tasted several different foods like chocolate, lemons and chips, which, except for the lemons, was pretty good. We made several things for learning about our senses of touch, sight and hearing that the children had a great time making. We made telescopes, sandpaper blocks, and stained glass crosses. All in all we had a fun-filled, packed-with-learning September. In October we will be having fun with the colors of the rainbow, the season of fall and pumpkins. I am looking forward to another fun-filled learning experience in October with your little ones. We will also have some very important dates you should remember for October, so put these on your calendars. We will have Picture Day on October 13, the Fire truck and firemen to come and visit on October 25, and the Fall Festival and Parade on October 27. Mark your calendars. Happy Birthday to Kalin who will turn 3 on the 16th!

Ms. Karrie – Three-day twos
What a fabulous way to begin a year! Ms. Karrie’s class began with a boom! We had much to learn; friends’ names, daily schedules, chapel songs, Ms. Karrie’s ‘good and not-so-good’ list of behaviors, and the list goes on. We learned how very important we are to our families, friends and God. Part of who we are is how we identify things through our senses. It was so much fun to taste and smell new foods and scents, hear and see beautiful things from nature, and touch lots of gooey, grainy, sticky, bumpy, lumpy stuff. Moving into October and the fall season at GEP kicks off a very busy time of year. Besides all the parading and festivals, we’ll be learning colors and making a huge handprint rainbow on our window. We will do lots of arts and crafts with pumpkins and fall leaves. The beautiful colors of fall will be abundant. Be on the lookout for our very own hand-carved Jack-o-lantern outside our classroom.

Ms. Leigh – Two-day threes
Our first month has been a success. I have loved getting to know each of your children. A warm welcome goes to our newest friend, Arianna. Arianna joined us in our second week of school and we are so glad to have her. October is always an exciting month. Picture day will be on the 13th. The firemen will visit with their truck on the 25th and our fall festival is on the 27th. Please be watching for sign up sheets to help with the festival and our class party. During this month, we will also learn about the ocean, community workers, and fall. Jonathan, Noah, and Max have enjoyed the play-doh. Emily and Arianna love playing with the horses and farm. Nicolas and Ethan are our super heroes. What a great group!

Ms. Vicki – Three-day threes
<>What fun we have had getting to know each other and learning about all of the things that three-year olds can do! Mother Nature really cooperated for our first week of autumn. We got to feel cool breezes and leaves are really falling outside our window. October will be a busy month for our class. We will be learning about community helpers, safety, pumpkins, bats and more! Watch for details about our field trip to the Pumpkin Patch and our Fall Festival here at Grace on Thursday, October 27th. I have a very special group of children this year and am looking forward to lots of adventure! Thanks for all your help with snacks and making our days go more smoothly, Mom and Dad! You have all been great!

Ms. Linda’s – Three-day threes

<>Thank you Daniel, Nicole, Jessie, Reagan, Justin, Connor, Gavin, Cole and my wonderful moms and dads for helping make the first month of school such a success! In October we will be talking about the changing seasons and the concepts “God made me special”; “I am always growing and changing”; “the name I have was chosen for me”; “some people have special needs such as eyeglasses, braces, etc.”. We will be painting at the easel and experimenting with mixing colors. Academically, we will explore the letters “D”, “E”, “F” & “G”; our numbers will be “4”, “5” & “6”. We will continue talking about the concepts smaller/larger and add soft/hard. On October 19th, we will make thumbprint cookies! Our Fall Festival will be on Thursday, October 27th (details to follow). Remember “show & tell” is every Thursday. We want to extend a special welcome to Daniel Brady who joined our class on September 20th! Welcome, Daniel! A very Happy Birthday is wished to Gavin Massingham, who will turn 4 years old on October 26th!!

Ms. Diane – Fours
What a busy and fun month September has been! We have learned so much already about each other, our school, and ourselves. We’ve read wonderful stories like The Kissing Hand, we’ve started our weekly scavenger hunts, and the children are working so hard in their weekly journals on letters and drawings. Thank you to Susan Ward for coming in for September Parent Show and Tell. The children had a great time making horns and finger birds! Also, thank you so much for the chocolate covered bananas and strawberries. I know the students (and the staff J) all enjoyed this special treat!

October will be another busy month! Please take note of these important dates. Thursday, October 13, we will take individual pictures. Wednesday, October 19, the 4’s will take a field trip to the First United Methodist Church pumpkin patch, take pictures, and have a picnic at San Gabriel Park. Tuesday, October 25 Georgetown firemen will come to talk to the children about fire safety. Thursday, October 27 will be our Fall Festival. Look for more information and sign-up sheets soon for these activities. This month in class, we will continue working on our letters and sounding out –at words, such as bat, hat, cat, etc. We will also be talking about fall, making pumpkin spice play-doh, and bobbing for apples! I just love fall! Thanks for all you do for our class!

Happy October Birthday to Courtney on the 19th!

Ms. Neitsch – Fours
We have had the most amazing month! We began our ABC’s this month. The children have heard stories about Apple Auntie, B.B. Bunny and Curly Caterpillar. We have also sung songs about Alexander Alligator, Betsy Bee, and Connie Cow. Exploring with our sensory table has also been a favorite with Victoria, Keegan, and Colin; while Samuel, Peyton and Sara Grace have really enjoyed making a long, long train with unifix cubes in the hallway! We also enjoy making things in our class such as applesauce, apple snacks, play-doh, banana smoothies and colorful cake ~ yummy! We’ve learned about God and His love for us and how He made everything — even us! We have so much fun in class through centers, songs, drawing, writing, and reading. We learn through play, too!

There are also many exciting things planned for October. We will be doing activities relating to the letters D, E, F, and G. We will be cooking Dandy Donuts, Green Eggs and Ham, Fancy Fish, and Gumdrop cookies. Along with our letters and authors, we will be going on a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch on October 19. The fire truck is coming on October 25th, and our annual Fall Festival will be October 27. We are also hoping for smiles all around for our picture day on October 13th.

Thank you, Elisan, Alex, Samuel, Keegan, Victoria, Colin, Peyton, Sara Grace, and Camille for making our four-year old class fabulous! That’s why we are called “The Fabulous Fours”!

Ms. Micki – Fours
Our class has gotten off to a terrific start! We have been learning classroom routines and classroom manners. In October we will have activities involving pets, explorers, fire safety, and community workers. We will continue to have activities to develop our fine motor skills. We are looking forward to a terrific month!

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